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Keeping Healthy And Active Post Lockdown

Thu 25 Jun 2020

The country has returned to a new standard of normality as businesses are now starting to reopen and begin trading after 8 weeks of lockdown and isolation. On Tuesday 23rd June, parliament announced the easing of lockdown restrictions in England, which including the opening of bars, restaurants, museums and theatres. All of which still need to follow the strict government social distancing guidelines. However, gyms and leisure centres are still closed, which means as a nation we need to ensure we continue to stay […]

How To Avoid Back Pain While Working At Home And Maintain A Healthy Posture

Sat 02 May 2020

In the mists of the global pandemic, lots of families in the UK are adjusting to social distancing, and for many, this means adjusting to life, living and working in the safety and confinement of your home.  These increasing numbers of office workers, working remotely are likely putting their back health at risk, by not […]

Simple Back Stretch Exercises You Can Do At Home

Wed 22 Apr 2020

The current pandemic has changed a lot about the way we work as well as our everyday lives. During this time of uncertainty, it’s important that we try to maintain as much activity as we can no only to maintain our physical health but also to keep our minds focussed and improve our mental wellbeing. […]

Can Physio Help Relieve a Tennis Elbow?

Thu 03 Oct 2019

When living with constant aches and pains you may be asking yourself, will this pain ever go away? Especially when the pain is somewhere non-serious, such as your arm.  One of the most common causes for pain in the arm comes down to Tennis Elbow which is medically known as lateral epicondylitis.  Lateral epicondylitis occurs […]

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