Tech Neck

Each year more than 30 per cent of office workers in the West Midlands experience Tech Neck or ‘Text Neck’ as it is sometimes known.

This is when you adopt a poor posture using a computer or device such as an iPad or smartphone. Overextending/craning the neck or simply having your computer or chair at the wrong height can all cause Tech Neck. Phones can also be culprits for tech neck when we speak on them due to pressure on the cervical spine.

Musculoskeletal pain from Tech Neck can present all over the body. It is often easily treated. Yet, sometimes chronic conditions, including nerve pain and even damage, can result from Tech Neck if sustained over a long period. And that’s the point. We are all creatures of habit when working. If you think we’re on our computers, phones and devices for around 60 hours a week. That’s 60 hours of pressure placed on the spine if you’re slouching or craning your neck artificially.

Please see the video we shot at our practice for further guidance.

Central Chiropractic Clinic treats hundreds of people each month for pain caused by Teck Neck. Please get in touch for further information

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