Arm Injury

Upper arms have plenty of muscles, so are difficult to injure. Upper arm pain can be caused by a condition called bicipital tendonitis, which involves a torn or frayed tendon in the shoulder area, and which causes pain in the biceps. Arm pain can also be caused by lifting heavy loads, as well as diabetes, heartburn and a range of other conditions, and tenderness, swelling and the inability to rotate your forearm are all signs of an arm injury.

Central Chiropractic Clinic offers a range of treatments for arm injuries in Coventry and the Midlands, and you can trust our experienced team to offer the relief that you need from a painful arm condition.

Arm injury and treatment

Offering a safe, non-invasive and effective arm injury treatment, we can help to relieve your pain and discomfort when you have been injured. Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, Dupuytren’s-contracture and trigger finger are conditions that we regularly treat, trigger finger consists of a thickening of the flexor tendon in the finger which can make it difficult to extend the finger.

Symptoms include a small bump in the finger, pain in the hand, swelling and a “catching” sensation in the joints. Other conditions we treat include the gamekeeper’s thumb, which is a stretching or tearing of the ligament, and fractures of the forearm.


Tennis elbow pain in Coventry and the Midlands

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