Is chiropractic good for neck and back pain?

Back pains and neck pains are two of the most common problems people face on a daily basis. Usually caused by improper posture, poor seating arrangements, heavy lifting or simply by incorrect sleeping positions.

These pains are very uncomfortable and can affect everyday life. Even simple tasks such as tidying up or getting dressed can seem nearly impossible.

Although there are many treatment options out there including exercise, chiropractic treatments are becoming increasingly popular.

What is Chiropractic Care?

In simple terms, chiropractic is a treatment where a qualified practitioner called a chiropractor, uses specialist techniques to help relieve problems with muscles, joints and the bones.

Here at Central Chiropractic Clinic, we help our patients by using onsite x-ray facilities and ultrasound scans to diagnose and evaluate your symptoms in order to determine a proper course of treatment.

All our treatments are proven, safe and effective and are designed to increase the quality of your life.

Benefits of using chiropractic treatments

Millions of people around the world have benefited from chiropractic health care, as it is a non-invasive and surgery free healing process. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Helps to boost immunity: Many studies have suggested that chiropractic care can help boost antibodies that are linked to the way our immune systems respond.
  • Improves sleep: As your spinal pains are reduced by chiropractic care, it can then allow you to sleep a lot better and feel more energised in the mornings.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure and stress levels: If your spine is misaligned, there is a risk of your blood pressure increasing
  • Drug-free treatment: Chiropractic care doesn’t involve ingesting any chemicals or harsh substances

Can chiropractic care help with back and neck pains?

Research shows that an estimated 85% of people who experience severe back and neck pains will visit their doctor at some point in their life. Many doctors will recommend chiropractic care as it is a non-invasive treatment and people can carry on the treatment in their own time through exercise.

A big part of chiropractic treatment is making sure you are getting enough exercise in your day in order to keep your muscles and joints healthy and to improve circulation.

Overall, chiropractic care not only helps relieve pains but it can improve your overall well being. You will naturally feel a lot happier and content if you are not constantly suffering from excruciating pain throughout the day.

If you are experiencing any types of pains such as back pains, neck pains or headaches, contact us today to find out how we can help you feel better.

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