How To Avoid Back Pain While Working At Home And Maintain A Healthy Posture

In the mists of the global pandemic, lots of families in the UK are adjusting to social distancing, and for many, this means adjusting to life, living and working in the safety and confinement of your home. 

These increasing numbers of office workers, working remotely are likely putting their back health at risk, by not correctly positioning themselves in a secure posture-friendly setting. Many people are likely opting for the “Home comfort” setting either working while lounging in bed or on their sofas. While this may feel comfortable, you will quickly begin to notice back pain, aches, and pains appearing across your body. 

Our team at Central Chiropractic Clinic Coventry, have devised a list of helpful tips to ensure your Muscular-skeletal health remains in a healthy condition. 

How to avoid back pain while at home and maintain a healthy posture:

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair that provides a secure position for your spinal posture. 
  2. Designate yourself a “working area” ideally with a chair and table.
  3. Ensure the top of your computer is at eyebrow level to avoid tension in your shoulders and neck. If you are working on a laptop
  4. Take regular breaks. 
  5. Exercise as much as you can. 

In more detail, 

It’s important to ensure that you have a healthy, and motivational working area. To keep up motivation and to avoid lounging while you work it can be beneficial to designate a specific area in your home designed for working. Ideally, a desk set up is desirable, however, we do know that many homes may not have space for this or the equipment. 

To avoid sitting on the sofa and lounging while you work, create a makeshift desk from a simple table and chairs. A dining table, console table, or dressing table will also make an ideal desk. 

Wherever you choose to set up the office, ensure that your eyebrows are level with the top of your computer or laptop. This will ensure that you are not hunching or curving your back too often. 

If you have the option to do so, use a detachable keyboard and mouse while working, this will provide your arms and shoulders movement and will avoid tension in shoulders and upper back. 

Utilise your time away, and take regular breaks. Aim to move every 25-30 minutes, whether that is to make a cup of tea, walk up the stairs or just to stand up for a short while; keeping your body active will encourage a healthy spine, and avoid tension. 

Back pain, neck tension, and sciatica affect a majority of the nation, poor posture and poor working conditions can have a huge effect on your body and can cause these injuries, this is why it is so important to ensure that while you are working away from your office you are following safe and healthy working guidelines.

If you are experiencing pain for more than a few days, then you should seek professional help, as an undiagnosed problem could lead to longer-term problems if left untreated.  

At The Central Chiropractic Clinic we can guarantee that you will receive the best course of treatments designed to get your body back in working order without having to wait for an appointment, Book today and start feeling motivated and feeling like you again. 

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