Simple Back Stretch Exercises You Can Do At Home

The current pandemic has changed a lot about the way we work as well as our everyday lives. During this time of uncertainty, it’s important that we try to maintain as much activity as we can no only to maintain our physical health but also to keep our minds focussed and improve our mental wellbeing.

If you’re working from home during COVID-19 you could especially be at risk from developing unhealthy practices that could lead to things like poor posture, especially if you’re working at a desk. In the office, things like proper chair adjustment and screen height are important for avoiding back problems and strain injuries, however, working from home these procedures can often slide unintentionally and you may find yourself experiencing back pain or other related aches and pains in your shoulders and neck.

To counter developing recurrent problems relating to the above, Central Chiropractic Clinic has come up with these simple exercises you can do each day to help reduce the risk and elevate some of the common problems that can develop whilst desk working from home.

Spinal Stretches

Sitting down all day can put a strain on both your upper and lower back. Simply getting up and walking around frequently can help reduce this but this exercise can help.

  • Sit flat on the floor with your legs straight spread wider than hip-width apart
  • With your hands placed flat on the floor between your legs, gently lower your head forward
  • Continue the gentle motion forward hinge at the hips ensure to maintain a regular breath rate
  • As you lower yourself further, draw your chin into the top of your chest and slide your hands forward along the floor

Cat/Cow Stretches

A common practice in yoga, this stretch will help keep your upper middle and lower back limber.

  • Get down on the floor on all fours, knees on the floor with your back straight approx 90 degrees from your hips
  • Slowly alternate between arching and rounding your back
  • Be sure to go slowly and maintain your breathing
  • You should feel a gentle stretching in your upper, middle and lower back

Trunk Rotations

This stretching exercise will work your whole back with particular focus on lats and middle back. It will also help stretch your lower abdominals and work your core at the same time.

  • Lying flat on your back bring both knees up to 90 degrees
  • Place your hands by your side, palms supporting
  • Inhale deeply then slowly exhale as your lower your legs to the right-hand side to a count of four
  • Inhale and bring your legs back up to the starting position and repeat on your left-hand side

Ensure that you take your time and don’t rush your stretches as this could lead to injury, above all listen to your body, you should feel a gentle stretch and no sharp back pain whilst undertaking these exercises.

Be sure to read our post on working from home best practice in order to minimise the risk of developing long-term strain issues caused by desk work.

If you’re experiencing regular back pain or shoulder pain it could be a sign of an underlying problem.

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