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Coventry Back Pain  provides Digital X-rays, Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning, IDD Therapy, Shock wave and Low Level Laser Therapy.  20 specialist treatment video’s are available to view on this page.

Treatments for back neck and shoulder nerve entrapment at  Coventry Back Pain Clinic.

Low  back  nerve entrapment,commonly known as a trapped or pinched nerve, or Sciatica,  in most cases presents as an excruciating pain that may start in the Low Back and Buttocks and may radiate into one or both legs, knees or feet .

Neck or shoulder nerve entrapment,commonly known as a trapped or pinched nervein most cases presents as an excruciating pain that may start in the neck and may radiate into one or both shoulder  as well as travelling into the arms and fingers.

This is known as cervical radiculopathy. The pain from a trapped or pinched nerve can be relentless, excruciating and debilitating. Sleep is often completely disrupted  even when taking the strongest prescribed medication.

Specialist modalities including IDD Therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy are proven successful in treating chronic and recurrent injuries and conditions.

Prescribed Medication

Medications very often only mask the symptoms and rarely work or dull the pain, the medication that you have been prescribed may be so strong they will affect your daily actives, such as health and safety issues at work. These must be taken into account on grounds of safety.

Driving on prescribed medication: to drive under the influence of drugs is a criminal offence – this also means prescribed medication.

 Pain Relief through Low Level Laser, also described as  K Laser Therapy. 

There is natural pain relief that has been proven to help relieve the pain that comes with a trapped nerve in the neck area. British Chiropractic Association registered Chiropractors are experts in dealing with a neck nerve entrapment. 

A Chiropractor will gently manipulate the trapped or pinched nerve free. This is by far the fastest and most effective method, bringing fast effective pain relief.

There is also further significant pain relief to be had through a modality known as  K Laser Therapy; this modality is extremely effective in addressingr pain relief and is used at this clinic. Further information can be found under our listing “Pain Relief”.

This must surely be the better way than taking the strongest of prescribed pain medication.

 Coventry Back Pain.

Causes of  back, neck, and shoulder nerve entrapment

There are many causes of trapped or pinched nerve that surround the neck area: some may occur as a result of an old or new injury such as whiplash (WAD) or a medical condition.

However, for most people this could be the result of an injury to the structures known by various names such as a bulging, prolapsed, herniated or slipped disc.

This condition involves the discs – the soft gel-like structures positioned between the vertebrae in your neck and spine. When one or more of them get damaged- the nerves around can get trapped or pinched in between the disc and the vertebrae resulting in excruciating pain.

A bulging, prolapsed, herniated or slipped disc is not the only cause of a trapped or pinched nerve in the area of the neck.

Sleeping in an awkward position can cause trapped or pinched nerve leading to excruciating pain to the head, neck or shoulders.  

However, there is likely to be an excruciating pain for several weeks if not months. Ice packs application will help to alleviate the swelling and the inflammation that accompany a trapped or pinched nerve.

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