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Keeping Healthy And Active Post Lockdown

Thu 25 Jun 2020

The country has returned to a new standard of normality as businesses are now starting to reopen and begin trading after 8 weeks of lockdown and isolation. On Tuesday 23rd June, parliament announced the easing of lockdown restrictions in England, which including the opening of bars, restaurants, museums and theatres. All of which still need to follow the strict government social distancing guidelines.

However, gyms and leisure centres are still closed, which means as a nation we need to ensure we continue to stay fit and active during these times.

One of the most common problems people have faced during lockdown is bad backs, lower back pains and neck tension. This is mainly due to the poor posture from working from home using improper desks and chairs that are not designed for office work.

Exercises you need during the pandemic

Now that lockdown has eased, we can venture out more often and enjoy the fresh air.

Keep active outdoors: Make the most of the summer weather by taking long walks jogs or bike rides outside. Gardening has also been a popular choice amongst many during the lockdown. It’s a great way to get your joints moving, and the fresh air will also help you feel good.

Remember to check your local government guidelines for social distancing rules.

Make it social: Now that the social meeting guidelines have been updated, we are now able to interact with other households. This would be a good opportunity to try outdoor yoga with friends and family in the park. It’s highly beneficial for backaches, lower back pains, muscle strength and it’s also a good stress relief.

Add movement to your routine: Whether you are working from home or on furlough you can easily incorporate simple exercises into your daily routine. We understand it can be difficult to set a specific time for exercises during the day with so much going on, including looking after the children. So why not add in some squats, lunges or jumping jacks during TV commercials. Or why not practise yoga poses whilst the dinner is in the oven?

Is keeping fit and healthy going to protect me from the virus?

No, keeping fit and healthy would not stop you from catching the virus, however, it does have many other benefits that will help improve the overall condition of your health.

Physical activity is known to help boost your immune system and helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. It can also help with back pain relief, neck tensions and sciatica, which is what our clients have the most problems with.

Food is also important to keep your body healthy and help fight viruses. You can try a balanced diet by adding foods that contain Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc to your meals.

If you are experiencing a lot of back pains, body pains, neck tensions or any issues, why not contact our team here at Central Chiropractors, and we will advise on the best treatment for you.

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